Ditch the Expectation of Holiday Perfection

Whether you're cooking the perfect recipes, making sure the house is perfectly decorated, or finding the perfect gifts, the holidays are chock full of high expectations.

Everything has to be magical. Everything has to be perfect. The perfect meal, the perfect present, the perfect holiday. For the holiday perfectionist, if everything doesn’t get done - and done perfectly - it’s a holiday fail for the perfectionist and stressful for everyone else. 


Perfection is an illusion.

Whether it’s the impossible standards of holiday bliss sold to us by marketers trying to capture your dollars or the nostalgia of holiday greatness from our childhoods that we desperately want to recreate, unrealistic expectations for holiday perfectionism can suck the joy right out of the season.

After a year that has been far from perfect, I have a very special holiday wish for you: 

Make peace and love the gifts that really matter this year. 

The rest is just tinsel.



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