Mastering Change as a Vehicle for Growth

The only thing in life that's constant is change. As you work through change, it is your job to steer the change in the direction you want to take your life.  This is when you own the change and take charge of your life. This is when you become empowered."That excerpt from Andy Vargo's latest book, Own Your Awkward Life Changes: The complete handbook for mastering change really resonated for me.  We've all faced significant life changes. Some created excitement and anticipation. Others brought feelings of dread and even fear. I know what happens in the brain when we face change (spoiler alert: the brain hates change), but I never thought about reframing change as a vehicle for growth - owning the change and becoming empowered by it.  

Andy's unique Mastering Change System provides a practical framework for taking the emotions out and focusing on the logic of working through change in any aspect of your life -  personal or professional. By shifting our focus, we can embrace change as a vehicle for growth rather than a source of angst and anxiety.  

In full disclosure, I'm grateful to call Andy my friend. I also happen to know he is wildly talented and wickedly funny. One of the things I love about his writing is that he doesn't talk to you from a lofty perch.  He talks to you as someone who has experienced the anxiety of change, the fears, the self-doubt, and ultimately the mastery of change. 

Check out my recent conversation with Andy and read the book.  Andy walks you through the process of exploring your own history of dealing with change and applying his unique system to tackle the changes ahead with greater focus and a sense of empowerment. 

"Empowerment to take control of the direction your life is taking. 

Empowerment to not feel lost in an ocean of life changes. 

Empowerment to steer your life in the direction you want. 

Empowerment to navigate the sea of change even in stormy waters."


Read. The. Book.

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