The Beatles' Brainy Secret

What if you could fight depression, fatigue, and cognitive impairments without a visit to the doctor, a prescription or those irritating side effects? A little-known story about a well-known Beatles song may have the secret.



It's that time of year when, for many people, sunshine starts to become somewhat elusive. If you see more gray skies than sunshine, it can be difficult to get enough vitamin D.  Here are some foods rich in vitamin D to include in your meals. 

  • Oily fish, as well as oils from fish, have some of the highest quantities of vitamin D in food sources. These include cod liver oil, herring, and swordfish. 
  • Some types of mushroom contain high amounts of vitamin D. These include raw maitake, dried shiitake, and raw portobello mushrooms. 
  • Eggs yolks from free-range chickens contain high levels of vitamin D.
  • Milk, cheese, yogurt, papaya, avocado and orange juice also contain good amounts of vitamin D.

And on those days when the sun IS shining, take advantage of it and get outside.  Your brain will thank you!


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