The Secret to a  Neurological Mini-Orgasm... No kidding!

What if I told you that there is a secret way to generate good neurochemicals that trigger the same reward centers in the brain as sex and it releases a boost of dopamine that activates the cerebral cortex and enhances mental acuity.  Would you want to know the secret? 

It's simpler than you might think. It costs nothing and pays huge rewards. Because we are wired to tune into negativity and threats, our brain typically processes more negative thoughts.  It's called negativity bias and it's a survival mechanism designed to keep us alive. Getting a genuine compliment from someone is meaningful and often surprising.  From a neurological perspective, making a conscious effort to notice positive attributes in others and then express them specifically and sincerely actually counteracts the brain’s natural tendency to focus on the bad stuff.

Think of it like a neurological mini orgasm that makes your brain happier and smarter, and it makes the person you compliment happier and smarter, too!

Click on the video to learn more about what happens in someone's brain - and your own brain - when you share a compliment! And my challenge to you today is to try it!  Look for reasons to compliment others and then express those good thoughts.  You'll be responsible for a positive ripple effect and you'll be smarter, too!

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