You Can't Quarantine Kindness

We find ourselves navigating a new normal... trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. In times like these, we find the very worst of us and the very best of us. Amidst the very real threat of the pandemic, we can choose to focus on people behaving badly or we can look for the acts of kindness and compassion that will get us through it. 

My challenge for you is to make a positive ripple in your corner of the world. Share your gift of music or art or sewing or laughter to lift someone up today.  You can’t quarantine kindness and the act of giving has a stronger impact on the giver than the receiver. It just makes us feel better.. like we’re doing something...that we’re part of a collective effort to shine a light on the best of us.  Let's take care of ourselves... and each other!

"Storms make trees grow deeper roots." - Dolly Parton


A few resources to put your brain in a positive space: 

Where's Arthur? In search of Kindness by Dennis Pitocco

The College Student Behind "What the World Needs Now" Viral Video

16 Heartwarming Ways Everyday Heroes are Helping People affected by Coronavirus

Some Good News with John Krasinki

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